March 2021 Artist of the Month Wood Dro


BignationFM’s March 2021 Artist of the Month is Wood Dro

Shawn M. Thomas Jr. (born December 26, 1992), known in the music industry as Wood Dro is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and dancer from Louisville, KY.  He also goes by the names of Woody, Mike Irvin and Man Man. 

Wood Dro had 4 family members that influenced his dreams of becoming the artist he has become today:  2 brothers (his big brothers Sidney Smith and Evan Smith), 2 big cousins (Beedy and Stupid Snagg Jeezy a.k.a Warren).   He also wants the world to know about another major influence his big cousin BJ a.k.a Benjamin Wilson who played a big role in his music career.  He started rapping and doing music at the age of 14 going into 15 yrs. old.


His future plans with his music career are to get his voice heard, to have his own label started with a few artist to feed his family for life, make people remember who Wood Dro is and  to leave a legacy for his children to build upon. 

Wood Dro’s favorite artists are Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Boosie, NBA Young Boy and Jacquees.  Wood Dro’s top 3 favorite songs he has recorded are My Own, Life Is Pain and Worth.

Personal Life

Wood Dro is a 28 yr old father of 5 amazing children: Xu’Aheir, Xi’Kynziyea, Kurrenci, Faith and Lola.  He also has adopted his wife’s 3 children that he loves and cares for the same as the first 5: Tanya, Shanee and Tyrone. All children together he calls the amazing 8.

Contact info:


Youtube:  Wood Dro


Facebook:  Wood Dro (official page)

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