February Artist Of The Month Henny Boyz


The Henny Boyz are a rap duo comprised of Melo D Monsta and Roulette Da Pitboss.

Henny Boyz

Melo D Monsta is an aspiring artist from Los Angeles, California. This Watts baby brings his smooth but rugged sounds and lyrics to the world and intends to make a better way for his family by any means necessary. Catching his interest in music at the age of 4, Melo began learning to play drums, it wasn’t until he was 22 that he discovered his singing and rapping ability. On the road to mastering his gift he moved to Ogden, Utah and hit the ground running. He met another aspiring artist named “Roulette Da Pitboss” in a hole in the wall bar and ordered the same two shots of Hennessey at the same time. Not knowing that one day they would become the best of friends and now partners in their group HENNY BOYZ.

Roulette Da Pitboss hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada discovered his soulful yet provocative musical gift at the age of 13, this west side Las Vegas student of the art, chasing his dreams of being a star through music is taking the world by storm. His strong and factual lyrics drive him to make that “Very Special” music that the Henny Boyz guarantee and stand by.

To hear more from them, their Soundcloud links are below:

Melo D Monsta Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/melothamonsta

Roulette da Pitboss Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/roulettedapitboss