‘Among the most horrific crimes’: Federal prosecutors oppose release for Justin Volpe, ex-NYPD cop who sodomized Abner Louima


Abner Louima may have forgiven the NYPD officer who sodomized him with a broomstick — but the feds certainly haven’t.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors strenuously argued in a court filing this week that Justin Volpe — the ex-cop who brutalized Louima in a stationhouse bathroom in 1997 — should serve out the remainder of his 30-year stint in the slammer.

“The crimes committed by the defendant are among the most horrific crimes prosecuted in this District and left a lasting harm on Mr. Louima,” wrote Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Geddes in court papers filed Monday.

“His actions were premeditated, brutal and brazen, evincing a clear belief that he was above the law and that his victims’ lives, quite simply, did not matter.”

Federal authorities were responding to Volpe’s December request for compassionate release, in which he revealed that he caught COVID-19 behind bars, and is now a changed man who apologizes for his “serious wrong and crime.”

Abner Louima

“It’s so many years after the crime. Twenty-one years is not 21 days. I think at least he’s spent enough time thinking about his actions,” he told the The News. “I thank God to be alive. I follow the word of God, so I have to forgive — but I don’t forget. A lot of people mix forgiving and forgetting.”

Geddes recounted in horrific, play-by-play detail the night of Aug. 9, 1997 — how a fight outside an East Flatbush club led to the crime that shocked the conscience of the city, spurred calls for police reform and left Louima in a hospital bed for months.

Louima spoke to The News from his hospital bed just days after the crime. He was treated for injuries to his rectum and bladder and needed emergency surgery for intestinal blockage.

Volpe was arrested in 1998 and pleaded guilty in 1999, in the middle of his trial.

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